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AMPIA’s People in the Spotlight

Celebrating AMPIA’s Visionaries

Welcome to AMPIA‘s “People in the Spotlight” page, where we shine a light on the remarkable talents and achievements of our members. This curated collection celebrates the diversity, innovation, and creativity of individuals who are not just shaping the future of our industry but are also inspiring others with their unique stories and groundbreaking work. From emerging talents to seasoned professionals, these profiles offer an in-depth look at the movers and shakers making significant contributions within AMPIA and beyond. Join us as we explore the journeys and successes of our esteemed members, whose visions are driving excellence across the media landscape.

Be sure to check back regularly, as we will continue to add more spotlight members to celebrate and showcase the remarkable talent within our community.

Justine Gamez Huckabay

Gregory Pang

Adam Scorgie

Alex Orlando

Blake McWilliam

Kaitlan Stewart

Tanis Parenteau

Justin Kueber

Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson

Ava Karvonnen

Dylan Pearce

Kalyn Edworthy

Colin Waugh

Katrina Beatty