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Huge Congratulations to Our AMPIA Members on Their Canadian Screen Awards Nominations!

In the Film Category:
  • Hands That Bind (Blake McWilliam, Kyle Armstrong) shines with nominations for Best Cinematography (Mike McLaughlin) and Best Sound Editing (John Blerot).
  • Hey, Viktor! (Blake McWilliam, Cody Lightning) is recognized for Best Original Screenplay (Cody Lightning, Samuel Miller), Best Performance-Comedy (Cody Lightning), and Best Supporting Role – Comedy (Hannah Cheesman).
  • Cold Road (Co-Producers: Scott Lepp & Matt Watterworth) – Best Sound Mixing, Brent Planiden, Chris Ferguson.
On the Television Side:
  • Fred Kroetsch & Heather Hatch dazzle in Best Direction for a Lifestyle or Information Series with ‘Dr. Savannah: Wildrose Vet’.
  • ‘Jann: Alone for the Holidays’ (Seven24 Films) grabs a nod for Best Variety or Entertainment Special, thanks to Jordy Randall, Tom Cox.
  • Leah Gauthier and Jennica Harper are up for Best Writing in Variety or Sketch Comedy for ‘Jann: Home for the Holidays’ (Seven24 Films).
  • Mike Little, Shine Light Entertainment – Best Sports Opening, 2023 Calgary Stampede Open.
Special shoutout to fellow Albertans Jann Arden and Andrew Phung, as well as Kyle Thomas and Sara Cory (Hey, Viktor!) for their nominations in the comedy categories. Also congratulations to Vivek Sharya on ‘How to Fail as a Popstar’, nominated for several awards in the Digital Media category.

For the Full List of Canadian Screen Awards click below: