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About Us

Alberta Media Production Industries Association

Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA) is a non-profit professional association incorporated in 1973. At its inception, its mandate was to support the independent motion picture industry as a viable economic and cultural force within the Province of Alberta. Since that time, the media industry in Canada and the world has changed dramatically and AMPIA continues to play an important role in the media production industry in Alberta. AMPIA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected at an Annual General Meeting.

AMPIA’s Primary Role

AMPIA’s primary role is representing our membership throughout the province, disseminating information, providing professional development opportunities for members, marketing on their behalf and seeking avenues towards increased funding for the development and production of media projects in the province. The organization also strives to foster an environment in which Albertans can create content reflecting our point of view to Albertans, to the rest of Canada and to the world.

AMPIA’s expanded role is to provide as many Professional Development opportunities

AMPIA’s expanded role is to provide as many Professional Development opportunities as is possible within our Associations’ framework. We strive, on behalf of our members, to line up seminars, workshops and other events – covering as wide a cross section of the film, television and digital media industries as possible. It is our intention to provide something for everyone, as this industry is both exciting and diverse…like our members!

AMPIA Encourages Everyone

AMPIA encourages everyone involved in our industry – from students in film & television and digital media programs, to actors, editors, producers, broadcasters & many others – to get involved in all that AMPIA has to offer, and offer feedback on our Association and the industry at large. In this way AMPIA will continue to be a source of inspiration & active involvement – not simply an ‘association’ in name only. So when our members have creative or business concerns, want to offer feedback or need questions answered, AMPIA will be on board!