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Elder in the Making Debuts at CIFF!

Meet Filmmaker and Producer Chris Hsiung. An AMPIA member since 2014, he is the independent owner of Hidden Story Productions  and the creator of Elder in the Makingan informative expose into the complexity of Aboriginal culture and the historical Treaty 7 agreement. His documentary film premières at the Calgary International Film Festival on Saturday, September 26. Here’s more on our exciting new filmmaker…

A twist of fate propelled Chris Hsiung into producing documentaries. Meeting Romeo Dallaire and hearing about the horrors of the Rwandan genocide led Chris to re-think his nine-year career in telecommunications software design. Consequently, he left the industry to pursue his own consulting business and has not looked back since. He created Hidden Story Productions, a small video company that helps people to use video as a tool to educate, engage or advocate for social issues through short documentary stories or creative projects.

After attending a powerful session at the Banff Centre of the Arts and being introduced to the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society (MT7) spearheaded by Michael Green, Chris was inspired to take a journey
of personal and historical discovery deep into Alberta’s Blackfoot territory.

“When I first began making Elder in the Making almost two years ago, I thought I was making a documentary about the First Nations of Southern Alberta. What it has become is what the Blackfoot call a ‘knowledge bundle’ of my own learning journey in building relationship with the place I call home.”

“As a first generation Chinese-Canadian, I come from a long line of urban dwellers. Life centred around Calgary or Banff or West Edmonton mall. As I began the roadtrip that was to become my first feature documentary, I discovered just how parochial I was. History that I use to memorize and forget has now become crucial to my understanding of who we are and why we are where we are with the First Nations and our shared land. Elder in the Making is my invitation to all residents of Alberta to explore the tragic as well as hopeful history of their home. I hope to see some of you out for my World Première at the Calgary International Film Festival on September 26.”

Watch the trailer for Elder in the Making and purchase your tickets for the première at the Calgary International Film Festival here. Visit for more details.

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