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AMPIA Spotlight

A Closer Look at Some of the Creative Talent Making Things Happen In Alberta

Scott Lepp | Executive Producer | Iylond Entertainment

Scott Lepp has more than 200 episodes of network television experience. He was most recently the Producer of APTN’s hit TV series TRIBAL and is Executive Producer of three feature films releasing in 2024; HAILEY ROSE, COLD ROAD and FAULTLINE.

Scott was previously Associate Producer and Digital Producer for CBC’s HEARTLAND and served on the board of directors for the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association (AMPIA). He continues to serve on the board of directors for the Okotoks Film Society.

Scott is President of independent production company Iylond Entertainment whose latest feature HAILEY ROSE had its World Premiere at Cinefest Sudbury and will be released theatrically and on Super Channel in 2024. Iylond’s first feature ICE BLUE garnered several festival awards including Best Canadian Feature: Regina 2018, Best Feature Director: LA Femme Los Angeles 2017 and Audience Favourite: Blue Whiskey Chicago 2018. Iylond Entertainment produced two digital original series released in 2019, HUDSON for CBC Gem and REALIZATION for Telus Originals.

Scott spends his free time reading and learning about finance, psychology and filmmaking. He loves mentoring emerging filmmakers and hanging out with family. Scott graduated from Vancouver Film School and now lives in Okotoks, Alberta with his wife, Crystal, and two children, Iyla and London.


Can you please provide a brief overview of your journey in the film and TV industry?

I started my career in journalism in Lethbridge and made my first documentary in 2004 as a final project in college. It was nominated for Best Student Production at the Rosie Awards and to say I caught the filmmaking bug would be an understatement. After moving to Vancouver for film school, I returned to the Calgary area and won the career lottery, getting hired as the Producer’s Assistant on Heartland. I spent 11 seasons working on that series, being mentored by some of the best Producers in the country. In order to take the next step of my career I needed to show that I can Produce content on my own, so I started Producing short films before moving on to Feature Films and Digital Series in my spare time. Once I had gained the necessary experience, I had the great pleasure of joining the Producing team for the Tribal TV Series, taking over as Producer for Season Two. Now, I run my production company, Iylond Entertainment, full time currently using smaller projects to keep the lights on while placing a large focus on developing unique and marketable IP to Produce in Alberta.

What are some of your key accomplishments?

The most important accomplishment in my life is choosing the right partner. Without the stability of my wife and my family I would not have been afforded the privilege of taking the chances I took to further my career. When I first started in the industry everyone told me you can’t work in film and have a family and I think it’s exactly the opposite.

As for film and tv, my key accomplishments are Producing Tribal Season Two for Prairie Dog Film and Television and willing that season of TV through the second wave of COVID and over the finish line alongside the most amazing cast and crew, and, after 15-plus years of learning and gaining experience; running and sustaining a successful Production Company every day.

What are your current and/or future projects?

Iylond Entertainment’s second feature, Hailey Rose, is having its Canadian release currently, and two films I had the great pleasure of Executive Producing are also being released in 2024, Cold Road and Faultline. Iylond’s first feature, Ice Blue, won several festival awards and is available around the world.

I’m currently Producing a feature documentary alongside talented Calgary creator Sean Smith called Métis Scrip & The Otipemisiwak. It’s set for a 2025 festival release. This project also has a companion narrative feature in development, targeting a fall 2025 shoot.

In early 2025, Iylond will go to camera on its third feature film, Lumi, in Calgary and Yellowknife.

Our production schedule being full through summer of 2025 gives the company time to develop for the future, notably the sci-fi TV Series Transversal from Yellowknife creator Jen Walden, which is just now hitting the markets, and the martial arts-monster feature film Savage Hell of the Black Moon, from Calgary creator Corey Lee.

Have there been any key moments in your career that changed your trajectory?

There have been several career-defining moments but two of them stand out the most. Firstly, I absolutely loved and I appreciate my time and experience on the series’ Heartland and Tribal, but the best and most impactful decisions I’ve made that launched my trajectory upwards, was moving on from them. Secondly, being introduced to writer-director Sandi Somers late fall of 2013 changed everything without me knowing. Here we are now eleven years later with several collaborations in the books and a third film in development.