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AMPIA Spotlight

A Closer Look at Some of the Creative Talent Making Things Happen In Alberta

Gregory Pang |  Lawyer, Podcaster, Public Speaker | RedFrame Law

Gregory is an Alberta-based entertainment lawyer who has been practising since 2009. Before his law career, Gregory worked in film and television for five years in various roles from being a locations PA to a business coordinator in marketing/distribution. While Gregory takes his clients’ matters seriously, he believes in having fun with the law with contributions to The Legal Geeks blog and podcast and has run law-related panels and a mock trial at the Calgary and Edmonton Comic Expos. Gregory also co-hosted the Legal Cut Pro entertainment law podcast and taught as a sessional instructor at MacEwan University.

Can you please provide a brief overview of your journey in the film and TV industry?

In short, I came full circle from starting as a locations PA in Alberta, moving away for several years to Quebec then Ontario (and completing last school in the meantime), then coming back to Alberta and working with several folks I used to work with as a PA but now as production counsel.

What are some of your key accomplishments?

Becoming a lawyer first in Ontario, then moving back to Edmonton and getting licensed to practise law in Alberta. Feeling incompetent at first and then eventually becoming a respected senior entertainment lawyer with a successful practice.

What are your current and/or future projects?

I can only disclose the ones that I’ve been credited for, that is, those for which it’s publicly known I’ve been their lawyer. Below are some of the recent projects I’ve worked on as counsel:

– Push seasons 1 and 2

– Hey Viktor!

– Hailey Rose

– Cold Road