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Ambassadors of the Sky on CBC

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Edmonton filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk‘s new CBC documentary Ambassadors of the Sky is now airing on CBC’s Absolutely Canadian series and on the CBC documentary channel. The project centers on the importance of preserving the dark skies and the fight to end light pollution in Canada.

Canadians can watch the series here: https://goo.gl/71ySdS

“Ambassadors of the Sky” promo – a new documentary by Brandy Yanchyk from Brandy Yanchyk on Vimeo.

Employment Matters Documentaries on CBC

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Documentary producer and journalist Brandy Yanchyk has released two new CBC documentaries about inclusive hiring for people with intellectual disabilities in Alberta and British Columbia. Employment Matters and Employment Matters Too explore the untapped market and huge potential of the intellectually disabled in the workplace.

Click here to watch “Employment Matters” on CBC

Click here to watch “Employment Matters Too” on CBC

Written, Directed and Produced by Brandy Yanchyk
Director of Photography – Sergio Olivares
Edited by Sarah Taylor
Colour Correction by Michael McIntosh
Sound Production by Johnny Blerot

Filmmaker & Reporter, Brandy Yanchyk

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Brandy Yanchyk is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Her company Brandy Y Productions Inc. has produced work for the BBC, CBC’s Documentary Channel, Rogers OMNI Television, PBS, YES TV, Shaw and Deutsche Welle Radio. Whether she’s reporting on the Haida Culture on the coast or filming the Polar Bears in the north, Brandy is on a quest for the golden story and the next big adventure.

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