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Our Mission Statement

The short answer:
We're on a mission. And it begins with a heart for people. And a hope for our world. It's a firm foundation and conviction that we have a responsibility as communicators (in the most influential mediums of our time) to present content that not only looks and sounds good but does good.

The longer, more involved answer:
(Doing things that matter sometimes takes longer and requires being more involved.)
If you're looking for a large bag of chips or a chocolate bar and a soda we're not your guys. We're not a sugar fix. And we don't want you to feel bad or guilty after working with us or watching what we made. We're more like a good breakfast, a little exercise and a sound sleep. We create content that is genuinely inspiring and helpful and enriching; that meets the needs that people have where they live. It might cause you to think, reflect, act with character or to be more positive. Hug a bully, thank your husband, grow a plant, quit complaining, start painting, volunteer, read a book, listen to music you said you hate, learn about something you don't understand, be a little less afraid and a little more courageous, understanding, forgiving, compassionate, wise or fair. So be warned, watching one of our shows may cause you to give a little more and to care a lot.

Sure, we can make stuff that looks awesome, but you are awesome and without you there would be no need for TV, or film or the Internet. All of which were great ideas and they are making a difference in the world, but the question is, what difference? Is it for the better? We believe it can be better. And we can make a difference by making Mighty Motion Pictures that are powerful, that are different than most; then you can make a difference and do the extraordinary.

Life is amazing and so are you and you need to see and hear that on your big screen and on your little screen everyday. Well, enough said. (Sorry, you got me going on the whole purpose thing.)

We take what we do seriously and we have a lot of fun doing it!

72 51404 Range Road 264 Spruce Grove, AB T7Y 1E5
Drew Martin