AMPIA Annual General Meeting Results

Thank you to all who participated via Zoom in AMPIA’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday! We are pleased to announce the following individuals will make up the 2020-2021 AMPIA Board:


Chair – David Benson

Freelance Productions, Edmonton




Justine Gamez – Huckabay, Intercommunicate, Edmonton

Michelle Gayse – Leader, Leader Productions, Calgary

Janet Hamley – Prairie Dog Film & Television, Calgary

Brent Kawchuk – Bamboo Shoots, Calgary

Scott Lepp – Iylond Entertainment, Okotoks

Cohen Mill – Bishop & McKenzie LLP, Edmonton

Laura O’Grady – Snapshot Studios, Calgary

Dave Schultz – i80 Productions, Calgary

Adam Thom – Thom Productions, Lethbridge

Bonnie Thompson – Dreaming Bird Productions, Edmonton

Matt Watterworth – Full Swing Productions, Calgary

Michelle Wong – Seven24 Films, Calgary


Special thanks to outgoing Chair Michael Jorgensen of Myth Merchant Productions who has been an AMPIA Board member since 2012 and Chair for the past four years. Thanks also to outgoing Board members Dylan Pearce and Kaitlan Stewart. Bios of the Board can be found here