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AMPIA Producer Accelerator Program

The AMPIA Producer Accelerator Program was held on April 8th & 9th, 2017 at Red Deer College.
Stay tuned for the next Producer Accelerator Program in 2018!


The AMPIA Producer Accelerator Program is an intensive, 2-day course for emerging and mid-level content creators. Over the weekend, attendees received training from established industry professionals on the topics of Story, Funding, Business Affairs, Export & Distribution and Interactive Media/Gaming.

Day 1: STORY


Power Narrative: Finding and Creating Great IP, with Michael Jorgensen

Although the world is consuming narrative at unimaginable rate, ‘good’ stories have little chance of getting produced. How can you ensure you’re choosing and developing ‘great’ IP that has the best chance of getting financed?

Storytellers often get side tracked and frustrated by one of the great fallacies of the industry – that choosing and developing stories is largely personal and subjective. So how do you remove the guess work so you can tap into what your audience and customers want quickly and effectively?

Michael Jorgensen will provide participants with powerful storytelling secrets and objective tools he’s shared with fiction and nonfiction producers and network executives for more than two decades.

In This Session Participants Will Learn:

• Why Story? The Human Equation • Finding and securing great IP • IP for a 360 Multi-Platform World
• Creating a personal Green-lighting Process • Genres – knowing what audiences and customers crave
• Premise Development • Story Development • Pitching – Telling not Selling

Michael is an Emmy® award-winning filmmaker and network storytelling consultant in both the fiction and nonfiction genres. As a producer, writer and director, his films have earned him more than 80 international, national and regional awards. He is also the current Chair of AMPIA’s Executive Board of Directors.

Key Players in Our Industry 4-5pm

Meet with top industry players in the Alberta Screen Industries.

Followed by a networking reception.



Business Affairs with Helen Schmidt, Janet Hamley & Rick Minhas

The intricacies of business affairs can sometimes be daunting even for the most seasoned producers. This workshop will provide insight into business affairs requirements and best practices.

Topics to be discussed will include: Overview of Business Affairs during development & production
• Financing • Working with Government Funds (Telefilm/CMF, AMF & CAVCO) • Working with Private Funds (Bell Fund, Rogers Group of Funds, etc.) • Financial reports • Interim Financing

Break Out Session 1: Sales and Export with Dylan Pearce, Jayson Therrien & Scott Westby

Learn from Alberta Industry creators as they share their successes and failures in how to crack the daunting challenge of putting a feature length film together and getting it sold.

Topics to be discussed will include: How to get your project made • Working with Sales Agents and Distributors • What to look for in the international market • Working with the Telefilm Micro Budget program • Who is your market

Break Out Session 2: Funding for Interactive Digital Media & Games, featuring Alex Gault, Dave Chan,  & Trent Oster

The business of Interactive Digital Content and Games will be explored in this session with three experts from the field.

Topics to be discussed will include: Working with the CMF / AMF / Tax Credits • Working with a Publisher or Bootstrapping it yourself • Crowd-funding and private investment • IP Protection


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