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Alberta Screen Industries

Wynonna Earp (SEVEN24 Films), Actress Michelle Thrush and Writer/Director Ron Scott from Blackstone (Prairie Dog Film + Television) and Actor Shaun Johnston from Heartland.


The Alberta Screen Industries have come together in an awareness campaign to share the news about the exciting work taking place in your own backyard, and our economic impact on the province. Alberta’s Screen Industries provide thousands of skilled, green, knowledge-based jobs. We create new employment for Alberta graduates, and those joining us from other sectors. We attract significant investment from outside the province and export Alberta stories to the rest of Canada and the world!

 Did You Know…

Mass Effect is produced by BioWare (Edmonton, AB); Wynonna Earp is filmed outside of Calgary.


Every dollar invested in the Alberta Screen Industries attracts three dollars from outside the Province.* The economic spin-off benefits build many other industries, including technology, tourism, hospitality, rentals and retail.

The Alberta Screen Industries help diversify our economy. In 2015 Alberta’s Screen Industries generated over $250 Million in economic activity in Alberta, employing over 2000 full-time equivalent jobs†. That’s significant, but it could be so much more! Right next door, BC’s screen industry employs 17,500 skilled workers and generates an economic impact of over $2 Billion†.

The Revenant had 3 Oscar Wins, 9 Academy Award Nominations. Fargo TV series earned 18 Emmy nominations for its second season.


This is the time to make a real investment in Alberta’s Screen Industries. We can deliver greater financial, cultural and social returns on that investment, employing thousands of additional skilled Albertans, while building a diverse economy benefiting many generations to come.

*Alberta Film LINK
†Canada Media Producers Association LINK

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Who Are Alberta’s Screen Industries?

We are the professional associations and unions representing the entirety of Alberta’s content creators, skilled craftspeople and industry professionals. From conception to production and post, we collectively do it all.