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Producer: Sharlene Millang

By Membership Profiles

Sharlene Millang is one half of Groove Solider Productions, an Edmonton company and a recent recipient of the $10K STORYHIVE grant. Sharlene and her Co-Producer Daniel Foreman are also the creators of the Edmonton Short Film Festival (ESFF), which takes place October 4th with an amazing new initiative for participants. Here’s Sharlene in her own words…

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Alberta’s First Feature

By Screenings

FIL FRASER is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist, writer and human rights activist with an impressive career spanning more than half a century. He is a leading pioneer in Alberta’s film industry, responsible for founding the Alberta Film & Television Awards in 1974 and producing Alberta’s first feature Why Shoot The Teacher? (1977), which became the highest grossing film in Canada that year. Why Shoot The Teacher? will be screened during this week’s Alberta Culture Days so we checked in with Fil Fraser on the 37th Anniversary of the film and where he feels our industry is headed.

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Profile: Frank Hadfield

By Membership Profiles

Day jobs are not unique in the film industry, but a Dinosaur Hunter with his own film studio, now that’s quite the find! Frank Hadfield is the President of Palcoprep, a company dedicated to the art, science and presentation of fossils in Drumheller, Alberta. He is also the man who discovered the first feathered dinosaur fossil in North America.

Now Frank is diving deep into the film industry and opening a studio in Drumheller. Dinosaur Valley Studios (DVS) is a “turn-key solution” for filmmakers to access incredible studio services at an affordable price. To celebrate, he wants to offer one lucky winner a week in his studio for FREE.  How does that sound?

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In April 2014, filmmakers competed in the first STORYHIVE campaign to hit Alberta. Teams uploaded pitch videos and relied on the public vote for a chance to win one of the $10K grants available from Telus Optik TV.

Out of the ten winners from Calgary and Edmonton, five of the successful campaigns are from AMPIA members! These teams have spent the summer developing their unique projects and will début their work this month at the STORYHIVE screenings in September.

Read more about the winning projects…

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BIOWARE to Showcase Dragon Age at STORYWORLD QUEST

By Professional Development

Aaryn Flynn, the Studio GM of BioWare, will be showcasing the third instalment of the Dragon Age franchise at the international transmedia conference STORYWORLD QUEST.


Aaryn will dive deep into the importance of narrative & story, share his experiences during the “making of,” and give a sneak peek at this  yet-to-be-released version of the popular game.


STORYWORLD QUEST is a never seen before line up of Canadian and US content, media, and entertainment professionals gathering to educate, discuss and connect in the new world of content. The conference takes place October 24-26 in Edmonton, Alberta and will be held at the Shaw Theatre in NAIT. Registration is still open – but tickets are limited! Register now!

Filmmaker: Michael Maxxis

By Membership Profiles

Michael Maxxis. You’ve probably heard of this Edmonton Director. If not, think of your favourite Canadian bands and chances are, he’s made their music video. With acts like Billy Talent, Hollerado, Mat Mays, and Hot Hot Heat in his portfolio, Maxxis has been dominating the Much Music airwaves for the last ten years.

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