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Successful Completion of AMPIA Trade Mission to China

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AMPIA Concludes Successful China Mission with Shanghai MOU

January 16, 2018, EDMONTON – On Friday, January 12, AMPIA capped off its first international Trade Mission by signing an historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Shanghai Broadcasting, Film & Television Producers Association (SFTPA).

Shanghai is China’s most populous city, with a population of over 24 Million people. It is also the birthplace of the Chinese Film Industry, and is home to the Shanghai Broadcasting, Film & TV Producers Association, which boasts over 1800 members. In the MOU, AMPIA and the STFPA committed to establishing a mutually beneficial cultural and business relationship to create and facilitate Co-Productions or Co-Ventures and distribution opportunities between Alberta and Shanghai producers. In 2015, revenues from Shanghai’s Cultural Industries reached $31.5 Billion CAD, with an annual growth rate of 8.1%. During the mission, AMPIA also signed another MOU with its sister organization, the Guangdong Motion Picture Industry Association, marking the first time the GMPIA had signed an MOU with any organization outside China.

AMPIA Board Chair Michael Jorgensen with Mr. Yang Zhenghua, Chairman, Shanghai Broadcasting Film & Television Producers Association. Behind: Ron Hoffmann, Alberta’s Senior Representative, Asia Pacific Region; Mr. Wang Wei, Deputy Director, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV; Ryan Baerg, Senior Trade Commissioner, The Consulate General of Canada.















The AMPIA-led Trade Mission consisted of 20 individuals representing 18 companies and organizations.  The Trade Mission took place from January 7 – 12 in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China. Earlier in the day, the AMPIA delegation toured the Shanghai Film Park, and the Shanghai Film Museum, housed within the Shanghai Film Group. (Photo above by Bill Evans of AMPIA. Photo below courtesy of Shanghai Film Group).

PRESS RELEASE – Successful Completion of AMPIA Trade Mission to China

AMPIA Trade Mission delegates and hosts pose by the Shanghai Film Group building. (Photo courtesy of Shanghai Film Group, January 2018)














Earlier in the mission, AMPIA and its sister organization the Guangdong Motion Picture Industry Association signed an historic Memorandum of Understanding, pledging the resources of the two organizations to the goal of successfully completing an Alberta – Guangdong co-production.

This is the first time the GMPIA has signed an MOU with any organization outside China, and also marks the first time a significant trade mission from Alberta’s film, television and digital media sectors has travelled outside North America. More details to follow.

PRESS RELEASE – AMPIA and Guangdong Sign MOU Jan 9

Pictured: David Zheng, Vice Secretary General, Guangdong Motion Picture Industry Association (GMPIA) and Bill Evans, Executive Director, Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association (AMPIA). (Photo: Jaro Malanowski, January 2018)







PRESS RELEASE – AMPIA Trade Mission to China

Delegates and other interested parties, please visit China Trade Mission Resources to find some of the resources from the trip, which AMPIA would like to make available.

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