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Immersive Experience Designer Ed Lantz Coming to Story Summit

By January 20, 2017Uncategorized

AMPIA is pleased to welcome entertainment technology engineer Ed Lantz as a presenter at this year’s STORY SUMMIT (February 23-26, The Banff Centre). Ed Lantz is the President and/CTO of Vortex Immersion Media, a Los Angeles company that develops large-scale immersive 360 theatres, mobile projection domes and live, interactive programming including branded immersive media experience for companies like Nike, Microsoft, Nickelodeon and musical acts like Skrillex and Diplo.

Ed has published numerous articles in journals and trade publications on immersive media and virtual reality, is a public speaker on panels and keynote talks including at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and is a regular contributor to ACM/SIGGRAPH. Ed’s personal focus is on the unique cognitive properties of next-generation multisensory “sentient” environments, the merging of virtual and real storytelling worlds, and the development of fulldome theaters as next-generation entertainment and performance venues. Ed holds two U.S. patents on immersive theater technologies, was awarded a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with minor in Quantum Physics and Electromagnetics from Tennessee Tech University, and is a founder of the trade association IMERSA.

Ed will be joining presenters Kim Hsu Guise (TELUS) and VICE Media’s Patrick McGuire and Nina Sudra to discuss and demonstrate innovative approaches in virtual reality and audience experience.

See the STORY SUMMIT program here.

In the interview below, Ed Lantz sets up what brought him to design interactive planetarium theatres and the possibility of real-life holodecks and global dance parties!

Story Summit 2017
February 23 – 25, Banff, AB
Presented by AMPIA and The Banff Centre

Registration discounts are available for members of AMPIA, IATSE, CSIF, FAVA, DOC, and ACIA.
Call the AMPIA office for more info: 780-944-0707.

Story Summit 2017 is a must attend event designed for content creators, filmmakers, content owners, producers, directors, writers, gamers, visual effects artists, distributors, educators and students.  This gathering will encompass keynote speakers, panels, case studies, interactive workshops along with ample time to network and meet current and future colleagues and partners.

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