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Against the Ropes is Back!

By September 8, 2016Uncategorized


The Rosie-Award winning series Against the Ropes (Gruvpix Productions) is back for a second season with the stakes higher than ever. With new fighters and bigger challenges, Benny and Sterling must keep their boxers sharp or the consequences could be dire.

Watch as amateur fighters Ben Alvarez and Joe Griffith look to make some noise in the amateur ranks. First time boxer, Maddy Swanson will look to overcome the fear of stepping into the ring for the first time, and pro boxer Rob Nichols has the chance of a lifetime – to fight for a Canadian Title Belt. As the Panther Gym fighters move through another season, one thing is certain: boxing is more than a sport, it’s life.

“In season 2 of Against the Ropes our goal was to out-do season 1 in every way,” says Producer Ryan Northcott. “Storylines are bigger and consequences greater, production value took a big step forward, and we got the opportunity to follow some amazing stories.”

Against the Ropes won the Rosie Award for Best Documentary Series at the Alberta Film & Television Awards in Calgary this year. Watch the Season 2 trailer here.


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