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National Canadian Film Day with REEL CANADA!

By April 28, 2015Screenings

On April 29, celebrate Canada by watching a great Canadian film! Screenings will be held all across Alberta, showcasing films like CAST NO SHADOW, GINGER SNAPS, WAYDOWNTOWN, PASSCHENDAELE and more!

AMPIA’s Bleeding Art Industries (Calgary, AB) will also be releasing THE RIVER, a 3D stop motion animation to the Arrogant Worms’ song River of Snot. The animation is the brainchild of Bleeding Art founder and president Leo Wieser as a follow-up to the company’s critically acclaimed short film Skeleton Girl.


Wieser, along with Bleeding Art Industries co-owner Becky Scott, has been leading the way on the 3D and stop motion animation front, with their first film Skeleton Girl being Canada’s first 3D and stop motion animated film.

“There’s some really great Canadian work happening that we need to be blowing our own horns about more and having a Canadian Film Day is a great way to bring that to the fore,” adds Wieser. “It was a given that we needed to put The River out there on this day for everyone to enjoy and to celebrate Canadian film – and another Canadian treasure, The Arrogant Worms.” Watch the short film here!

National Canadian Film Day is presented by REEL CANADA with support from Scotiabank, Cineplex, CBC and a host of film festivals, movie clubs, schools, broadcasters and industry organizations.

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