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Blake McWilliam at Sundance Film Festival

The Little Deputy, written and directed by Trevor Anderson and produced by Blake McWilliam, had its festival premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Producer Blake McWilliam gives us the scoop on the Sundance experience.

The following is a guest post from the Producer of The Little Deputy, Blake McWilliam.

Following our world premiere in Edmonton on January 17 at the Metro Theatre (which was a huge success), I was extremely curious to see how an unbiased (namely, un-Edmonton) audience would react to our very “Edmonton” film. Our reception at the Metro made us so proud to be a part of such an incredibly supportive arts community… but how would they react at one of the biggest film festivals in the world?

Needless to say, the reception in Park City has been more than we could have ever expected. The programmers placed our film into a shorts package alongside 5 amazing movies that have had us both laughing and crying from one film to the next. I’ve been floored by the amount of talent on display here, and audiences have been just as enthusiastic as those back home. But after something like over 7000 short film entries to this year’s festival, and just 60 being chosen across three shorts categories (narrative, documentary, and animation), the highlight for me was a stranger on the shuttle striking up a conversation and proclaiming that our film was the best film he had seen at the festival so far. I’m so grateful to all of the crew, cast, and everyone else along the way, who helped make this little Albertan film a success at Sundance.

Blake McWilliam is an AMPIA member and an award-winning Director/Producer with Back Road Productions. For more info on The Little Deputy, visit Dirt City Films.
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