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Filmmaker & Reporter, Brandy Yanchyk

Brandy Yanchyk is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Her company Brandy Y Productions Inc. has produced work for the BBC, CBC’s Documentary Channel, Rogers OMNI Television, PBS, YES TV, Shaw and Deutsche Welle Radio. Whether she’s reporting on the Haida Culture on the coast or filming the Polar Bears in the north, Brandy is on a quest for the golden story and the next big adventure.

As a regular travel reporter for BBC World’s The Travel Show, Brandy Yanchyk has covered stories worldwide including Canada, Finland, Australia and New Zealand for a global audience of 76 million viewers since 2009.  The adventure travel reporter is a perfect fit for Yanchyk, because she is a force of nature herself. To say that she is ‘ambitious’ or ‘driven’ is a drastic understatement. In fact, it would be better to describe her using words that are often associated with a tsunami, because her clarity of who she is and her passion for the work is that powerful.

Not everyone can accomplish seven documentaries in a five-year period. Here’s her main areas of focus that help with her success.

Making the work a priority. Brandy Yanchyk is a full time documentary filmmaker with a concrete understanding of what it takes to make an impact in this industry, especially as a woman. “A lot of people talk. I do,” she says.

Having the guts to quit her day job allowed her to pick up and go when travel opportunities called. Immersing herself in the work built up her portfolio and the opportunities kept coming. Yanchyk emphasizes that recognizing your time as valuable is essential. She doesn’t take all the work that comes her way, but sticks to the subjects that fascinate her.

Learn the Business of Creativity. 
The blindspot Yanchyk says holds many artists back is a lack of knowledge of the business of creativity, including the marketing and promotion. Knowing how to sell a product – including yourself as the filmmaker – is essential to having a fulfilling career.  “When I pitch, I come as a package and they know who I am. At some point, you have to believe in yourself. Confidence is contagious.”

Step into the International Arena. Yanchyk takes conferences very seriously and is a regular at market festivals such as the Banff World Media and the Realscreen Summit. Networking and building relationships with buyers, fellow creators and distributers from around the globe is a necessity, not a luxury. She’s advocates putting your financial resources into continuous learning and networking opportunities, because that’s what it takes to get the jobs and make a living at it. She hopes to see more familiar faces of local filmmakers and producers attending these international events. “There’s nothing more common than creative people,” she says. “If you can’t sell yourself, what are you doing here?”

 Brandy Yanchyk is passionate about making films about immigration and seniors. Her documentaries include “Grey Glory” (2014), “Grey Ambition” (2014), “Finding Edge Road” (2014), “Oil Calling” (2013), “Nature’s Invitation” (2012), “Brooks- The City of 100 Hellos” (2011) and “Desert to Ice” (2009). This past weekend her “Polar Bear Safari” led The Travel Show on BBC World TV.


For more information about Brandy Y Productions, visit the website here:

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