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Writer, Director, Producer, Ron E. Scott

Ron E. Scott is an award winning Producer, Director and Writer with over twenty years of industry experience. Having founded Prairie Dog Film + Television in 1993, he has since become a leading figure in the world of independent television production. Most recently, Scott acts as Executive Producer, Writer, and Director of the groundbreaking, award-winning series Blackstone 

Ron E. Scott paid a special visit to the House of Commons last week, where it was announced that he is set to receive a 2015 Indspire Award. Indspire is a national charity, which works to support, innovate and transform Indigenous education.  As a Metis and prominent figure in the world of independent television production, Scott is being recognized for his outstanding achievements as an Executive Producer, Writer and Director, as well as for his considerable contributions in training, inspiring and providing opportunities to Aboriginal people.

“Over the course of their professional careers, these individuals have made distinct, enduring contributions to their communities and to the entire country,” said Roberta L. Jamieson, President and CEO of Indspire and Executive Producer of the Indspire Awards.

The winner of 28 prestigious television awards, Blackstone is an intensely real drama whose plot lines are often ripped straight from the headlines. The series tells the story of the fictional Blackstone First Nation suffering disintegration by its own hand – the result of its corrupted Chief and Council.  The series was picked up by this year and is now distributed in New Zealand to Maori Television, and in Australia to SBS/NITV.

Viewers around the world are tuning-in to this series, which follows the story arcs of domestic violence, criminal justice, child and family welfare, and the consequences of addiction. Prairie Dog Film + Television débuts Season IV of Blackstone this week.

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