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In April 2014, filmmakers competed in the first STORYHIVE campaign to hit Alberta. Teams uploaded pitch videos and relied on the public vote for a chance to win one of the $10K grants available from Telus Optik TV.

Out of the ten winners from Calgary and Edmonton, five of the successful campaigns are from AMPIA members! These teams have spent the summer developing their unique projects and will début their work this month at the STORYHIVE screenings in September.

Read more about the winning projects…

 Hello World

(Calgary, AB) Olaf Blomerus

Hello World is a short film about a social services android placed in the broken home of a father and son. The ambitious project written and directed by Olaf Blomerus, has finished principle photography and recently raised $7,527 to complete post production. Stay tuned for this one!

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A Raven’s Song

(Edmonton, AB) Daniel Foreman, Sharlene Millang-Borst,
Groove Soldier Productions

A Raven’s Song is a thread from a longer story that Writer/Director Daniel Foreman has been working on for several years. “I was inspired to write this story because of my desire to learn about my Métis heritage as well as the exploration of the impact of the loss of rites/rituals for boys to become men in our society,” Foreman explains.

Sharlene Millang, producer for Groove Soldier Productions, adds “We are grateful to the Edmonton Arts Council for providing seed money to get the project off the ground, and to Telus for funding provided to this project through the StoryHive platform.  This kind of financial support is tremendously important for an independent filmmaker.”



(Calgary, AB) Greg Jeffs, Spencer Estabrooks,
Insurrection Films

In the Badlands of Alberta, an ancient battle continues… Creationists vs Palaeontologists vs Sharkasaurus. Imagine that film set!

“The experience was interesting, “says Producer Greg Jeffs. “The second smallest budget and the shortest turnaround we’ve ever encountered.” The film will also be screening at the Calgary International Film Festival as part of the Alberta Spirit Gala.


Against the Ropes

(Edmonton, AB) – Ryan Northcott
Gruvpix Inc.

Ryan Northcott used the developing grant to create a pilot for a new reality series, but this show isn’t just for sports fans. The series follows the owner of Panther Gym, former professional boxer Benny ‘The Jet’ Swanson. Overcoming great hardship, Benny shares his inspiring story to give back to his community.

Ryan Northcott describes Storyhive as an amazing experience.  “It was a challenge to get votes, and then of course produce a short film over a few months, but what a great experience! It’s a great opportunity for local filmmakers to show their stuff.”


Zombie #1

(Edmonton, AB) Shane and Samantha Quantz, Brevity Films

This brother and sister duo have been utilizing their resources to produce comedic films for Mostly Water’s Metro Shorts competition. Zombie #1 is a pilot for a comedy series about a slightly decayed actor (played by Matt Alden from Tiny Plastic Men) hoping to find a leading role.  Think The Walking Dead meets Seinfeld.


The Edmonton STORYHIVE premiere will take place September 15. There are no longer tickets available for the event, so watch for the projects on Telus Optik TV!

The Calgary premiere will be held September 16 – tickets are still available here.

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