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Frederick Kroetsch: Open Sky Pictures

Some times you just have to quit your day job. Frederick Kroetsch has done just that and with good reason! The co-founder of Open Sky Pictures, along with fellow producers Kurt Spenrath and Rebecca Campbell, has been hitting the pavement this year, pitching projects and seeking development funding with fantastic results.

Recently, the Edmonton team received a grant from the Canada Media Fund to develop Hart Attack, a reality series with Discovery about the eccentric wrestler Teddy Hart who breeds (and juggles?) Persian cats. Open Sky Pictures is also gearing up for a three part mini-series called Invincible for TELUS Optik TV and will be debuting their Bravo Fact documentary The Match at the 2014 Edmonton International Film Festival.

Congrats to Frederick for moving into the role of full-time producer and to the entire team who are proving to be an exciting new addition to the Alberta film and TV industry!

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