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Filmmaker: Angela Palmer

Angela Palmer is one of our newest members of AMPIA. The actress who appeared in Mosaic Entertainment’s “Truckstop Bloodsuckers,” has fiercely reinvented herself as a writer and producer, creating her own web series “The Dookie Squad.” Here’s more about about this exciting young woman, in her own words.

Three things people should know about you are:
I am an actress, writer and filmmaker 😉

What inspired you to transition from actress to writer/producer?
The time I spent waiting for the roles I thought I deserved was time spent not acting. I can’t sit here wondering “why are there no roles for women of color here in Alberta” or “Why am I not living my dreams”. I knew I needed to create something or be nothing.

I was inspired by the female African American YouTube community who were creating their own web shows. I thought, if they could do it, so can I. It also helped to have fellow filmmaker and actor Lindsey McNeill, whom I look up to and respect for fearlessly following her dreams and being a strong advocate for female filmmakers, encouraging me to follow my pursuit and create. I wrote my own script, made myself the lead, produced, co directed and did everything I could just so that I could be an actress. Before I knew it, people were calling me a writer, producer and a filmmaker! And that I was…

Tell us about your webseries “Dookie Squad.”
Dookie Squad is a story about Robin, a janitor who works at a hospital who must tolerate s*** from others both mentally and literally in order to get by. I felt passionate about all of the social injustices at my old 9-5 janitor gig, so writing this script came easily. They say write what you know… right. Well, Dookie Squad is not some kind of janitor documentary. It’s a comedy… with a premise and somewhat based on my experiences, exaggerated times ten.

I really wanted to entertain people, because although I hated my old job, this was my way of making lemonade from the past. This story is almost like, a mock up of the life I used to live before I decided to be active in my acting career. Like my character Robin, I too worked at a hospital as a janitor with hopes to become something more but I had no direction. Unlike Robin though, I got over that hump and decided to write about my experiences, which ended up being in line with my dreams thus, Dookie Squad was born.

What are the major challenges to producing your own series?
Everything. Producing for the first time didn’t come easily to me because, through out making Dookie Squad I was indecisive yet impulsive, eager and insecure at times. It wasn’t a pleasant experience at first but once I got the hang of it, I really liked the control. It was really empowering to call the shots and mold Dookie Squad into what I wanted it to be.

What is needed to have more women represented in film & TV?
Men can’t tell you they know what it’s like to be a woman and vice versa so I think women should tell their own stories. If women want to see themselves being represented more in film, I think that decision is up to us female artists to step up and combine our gifts and our experiences as one and start writing, filming and producing. Or simply go out and support/see films that represent what you want to see more of.

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