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Rosie Winners to Screen at Metro Cinema

As part of Alberta Culture Days, Metro Cinema in Edmonton will be screening Picks of the Rosies 2018 on Saturday, September 29.

Alberta Culture Days (Sept 28-30) features hundred of free activities that invite the public to celebrate what it means to be Albertan. Metro Cinema‘s Culture Days events are programmed in partnership with the Alberta Media Production Industries Association and the Gotta Minute Film Festival. Watch for Albertan selections from the Gotta Minute Film Festival at Metro Cinema, Sept 24-30. Alberta Film & Television Awards-related screenings are as follows:

Young George and the Dragon

Canada 2017, 90 min, Dir: Colin Curwen

Calgary’s new machine studios brings a fresh new take to this classic tale.  A young shepherd dreams of a bigger life than living in a burned out shack with his uncle, their little flock of sheep and his goat.  Young George shares his name with a famous Dragon Slayer, but little else.  A dragon is sighted in the valley, and the terrified townspeople turn to Young George to assume the mantle of his namesake.  FREE at 1:00 PM

Picks of the Rosies 2018

Canada 2017, 120 min, Dir: Various

The Rosies, Alberta’s screen awards, celebrate great filmmaking in many forms. Check out great new documentaries, music videos and animation, with many of the filmmakers in attendance. Featuring Edmonton Grads (Brent Kawchuk), A Little Vulture Told Me (Simon Morgan, Sheena Wheadon & David Baron), Peak Oil (Dylan Rhys Howard), Skin for Skin (Kevin D.A. Kurytnik & Carol Beecher), State of (the) Art (Chris Dowsett), and Last of the Fur Traders (Frederick Kroetsch).  FREE at 3:30 PM

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