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To benefit our members and provide useful content to visitors of buy online prescription cialis'>buy online prescription cialis this website AMPIA will be creating a gallery of Member Videos.


AMPIA reserves the right to wow it's great cialis one a day deny requests for video postings.
Link provider holds all responsibility for copyright clearance.

Why YouTube?

We’ve chosen YouTube to manage content rather than host it ourselves for two key reasons: 

  1. Compatibility. There are many different types of video codecs and not every browser/OS/mobile device can play them all. YouTube is the standard.
  2. Audience Reach. Having the online cheap cialis'>online cheap cialis clip on cialis 25mg is great because it connects you with other members and the many visitors to this site. Once your clip is on YouTube you’re plugged into the world. Combining the two increase your exposure.

Dramatic Television

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”18D04ADF311B766B”]

AMPIA members can have sample of their work available on YouTube available for viewing on To submit a link, fill out the form below.

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1. With Video open on YouTube click the "share" tab (under the player controls).
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All program information (title, description, duration) will be pulled from the information you input on YouTube.

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