Alberta Multimedia Development Fund

The Alberta Multimedia Development Fund (AMDF) assists in the development of a strong Alberta production industry and improves Alberta’s competitiveness in screen-based production and investment. The AMDF is designed to assist conventional production practices and encourage new business models and alternative distribution or broadcast delivery options for screen-based audio-visual content creators.

The AMDF encourages:

  • development of local screen-based production expertise and talent;
  • sustained industry development;
  • increased investment in Alberta-based production; and
  • use of Alberta as an international film, television and digital content location that employs Alberta-resident production labour expertise

The AMDF provides funding for screen-based content creation through the following five funding programs:

  • Alberta Production Program (APP) – support for the production of screen-based content. Note: Formerly known as the Alberta Film Development Program (AFDP).
  • Project/Script Development Program – support for Alberta writers, directors and producers towards the creation of quality marketable and commercial production-ready projects/scripts. Note: Applications will be accepted between September 1 and September 15 for the July 31, 2010 deadline only. Applications will be received by physical mail only with the postmark required to fall during the designated intake period. Applications postmarked prior to September 1 will not be accepted.
  • Alberta Stories Program – support to encourage the production of stories that are inherently Albertan in content and expression; stories written and produced by Albertans that reflect some aspect of Alberta in screen-based productions.
  • Export Market Development Program – support to assist professional producers of quality screen-based content in expanding marketing opportunities for Alberta products and services; applicants must demonstrate well-conceived, researched and documented marketing and/or export development plans.
  • Training and Mentorship Program – support for mentorship opportunities specific to the creation, marketing and distribution of screen-based content for broad audiences.

Please visit the AMDF Guidelines for more detailed information. For parties interested in learning about the filming locations, expertise and advantages available in Alberta, please visit the Alberta Film Commission for further information.

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