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Producer Accelerator in Fort McMurray a success!

“I just attended the Producers Accelerator Workshop in Fort McMurray this weekend. As an actor, desiring new ways to find and create work, I thought this would be a daunting, but good workshop to expand my world of possibilities and opportunities. Although I have some idea of the production side as an actor, I have no working knowledge of it.

“I was wrong. It wasn’t good. It was fantastic. Yes, it was daunting in the amount of what’s required to pull a production together. But it was overwhelming positive in its message of anything is possible. The information, experience and support offered by ALL of the panel members was outstanding!

“Kudos to Dylan Pearce, and AMPIA for putting on this very informative and positive workshop. To think, I almost didn’t come because of the drive. What a huge mistake that would have been on my part! I can only hope that I’m able to work with each one of these talented people down the road, on both sides of the camera.”

— Attendee Chad Nobert

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