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Story Summit: Creating & Developing IP

Many of today’s biggest movies, TV series and games are based on existing Intellectual Property (IP). Marvel  Comics has famously transferred their comic book characters (Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain America, etc.) to blockbusters on the big screen. Same with DC Comics/Warner Bros. (Superman, Batman). Other major studios – Pixar, Dreamworks, Paramount, etc. – are always looking for the next big franchise. But where and how do you find entertainment IP, or, more importantly, how do you develop your own IP?

Join former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Carl Potts, author of the bestselling book The DC Comics Guide to Creating Comics: Inside the Art of Visual Storytelling, as he explains how properties are found and developed from an insider’s perspective.

Carl relates his experiences in finding/developing original entertainment IP and developing existing properties while at Marvel and Epic, as well as his personal experiences.

The seminar will cover:

  • Generating new IP/titles proposals
  • Having new characters introduced in established series (character may or may not spin off on their own)
  • Top-down character creation (initiated by a client or employer)
  • Characters inspired by historical incidents, family history or news story
  • Subjects & Genres
  • Mainstream vs. More Obscure IP
  • Going against group wisdom (and delayed success)
  • IPS that “failed” in one medium going on to film/game success in other media
  • Developing concepts for use across all visual media
  • Why the classic story arc is universal
  • Juxtaposing ideas
  • Unifying thematic statements
  • Character internal and external conflicts
  • Roadmap, ending
  • Being cautious with facts gleaned from others w/o permission
  • Building science fiction or fantasy worlds/universes with internal logic
  • Deal/legal considerations for your IP and for developing and pitching others’ IP
  • Creator-owned vs. work-for-hire deals.
  • Pitch agreements, options

This workshop is available to Premium Package holders only. Click here for a full preview of the Story Summit schedule.

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