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Greg Jeffs: Insurrection Films

Greg Jeffs is a new AMPIA member, but not new on the scene. He is the Writer and Producer behind Insurrection Films (along with Spencer Estabrooks) and though he looks like a perfectly nice guy, the horror genre is his forte.

Greg produced Deadwalkers, the first Canadian short film to be made available on iTunes worldwide. His latest projects One Hit Die and The Hunt have picked up several AMPIA nominations, including Best Screenwriter and Best Short Film

Recently, The Huntwas nominated for a Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award. Here’s more about Greg, in his own words.

1) Three things people should know about you are:
We are known the world over, getting Albertan efforts out on screens across the globe. We are approachable. We are just getting started…

2) Tell us about Insurrection Films – what content we can expect from your company?
We make fun products. We exist in the genre world because we enjoy those stories and they are fun to make but story is universal so we are by no means a genre only company. Horror is what we are good at but we are quickly broadening our horizons. We are an independent company with a firm understanding of the industry in Alberta. We aim to offer our crews work in the “off season” to keep them creatively invested in the province.

 3) How have you financed your projects?
We have Telefilm and AMDF development support as well as independent private financing. The low budget genre market combined with the accessibility of the Alberta Media Development fund will prove to be a major game changer.

4) What do you look for when assembling a production team?
Relationships are key. Film is built on ego but there is an odd few who have the ability to forgo it and just do work. We feel independents have a great opportunity to allow our working crews a chance to develop their skills outside of their usual service production environments.

5) What’s your dream project?
Serenity II: Electric Bugaloo needs to happen

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