Cinematic Documentary Storytelling Workshops – Inspirational Saturdays

The AMPIA Cinematic Documentary Storytelling workshops in Calgary and Edmonton were very successful. AMPIA Board member and Emmy-Award winning filmmaker Michael Jorgensen delivered a jam-packed seminar that engaged over 60 attendees.

“An incredibly informative and inspiring event and we were very glad to be there.”
-Full Swing Productions

“Great advice from today’s @YourAMPIA Doc workshop.”
-Bearded Chicken

“Thanks @YourAMPIA for putting on the Cinematic #Documentary Storytelling workshop!”
-Epidaurus Films

Thank you to all that registered for the workshops, Michael Jorgensen, and sponsors:

AMPIA Presentation to CRTC at CBC Licence Renewal Hearing

AMPIA presented at the CBC licence renewal hearing at the CRTC on Monday November 26, 2012.

“Thank you for the opportunity to present to you today some additional thoughts on the role we would like to see the CBC play in Alberta. We are pleased to tell you that over the years we have had a very positive relationship with the CBC in our province.

The regional office was always part of our television community and ensured that local independent production thrived alongside in-house production.

In fact, our local CBC stations in both Edmonton and Calgary were places where many of our producers, directors, writers and actors began their careers. There was a time many documentaries, culture and arts programs, even dramas, about Alberta were produced and broadcast in our province.”

For more on the presentation, read the oral presentation, written intervention, or take a look at the CRTC Agenda for the hearing.